Special Messege Amharic Dawa

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. “May the glory and praise be to Allah, the Most High.” And the Spirit of Him is upon all who follow the Way of Truth (p. 47). “O people of the Book, do not transgress your religion. Only… ”(Surat-Nish 171).

In the past, some attempts have been made to clear away any confusion that may arise in this area by the permission of Allah. Today, if it is Allah’s will, we will spend some time on “Spirit from Him”. InshaAllah. Let’s look at the correct definition and correction:

The energy that allows people to live and stay is called the “spirit”. When this spirit leaves their body and becomes separate, they become dead. There is no life without light. We cannot give a detailed description of what this vision is so abstract and invisible. We are not given the knowledge of it. Thus says the Lord Allah:

fidake islamic dawa


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