Special Messege About Fasion

Praise is worthy of Allah, the Lord of all Being. The praise and salutation of Allah be to Muhammad, the high priest and teacher. Be victorious, beaten and defrauded of justice, defending the knowledge, their possessions, their time, and their lives to preserve justice.

The God of peace! One of the divinities of the Creator of our Creator is “an-peace”. Meaningful: An owner of peace. The Lord Almighty is called “A-peace” because it is God without defect. The Lord God is called the “As-Peace” because it is God who inspires inner peace and happiness to His servants.

Once a Muslim has completed the obligatory SOLUTIONS three times, he says, “Al-Mutti Allah,” and then he says, “Al-al-Muhammad peace be upon him, peace be upon him.” O my God, God! You are the Lord of peace! Peace is from you! My Lord, Lord of the worlds glorious and spacious. Your glory is higher. This is because they

fidake islamic dawa


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