Special report with bilal media – p3

There were not many new wives in that era. However, when we came to the Prophet, all those who had married their widows, who were married to idioms and indulgents, did not say that they were in the pursuit of their physical desires. How? How so?

You will say. How do you understand !! It is because the Khafra will be over. The Prophet’s first wife was Khadija (Rahah). The Prophet (s), when he was twenty-five years old, entertained him in 40 years. Our mother, Hesedia, had two adopted and married a woman who was 15 years of age.

Look at this: A 25-year-old woman is married to a 15-year-old twin brother who is 15 years old !! Furthermore, the al-la-mihur, the mother of the Prophet, until the death of her mother, had not been married. Then, when they were young, at the age of 25, they sought the virginity of the unmarried women, changing the women without marrying and marrying the unmarried, the 50-year-old,

fidake islamic dawa


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