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And the record of today we see: Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) married a lot of wives? Since the Prophet allowed you to divorce, because you allowed the Qur’an to be performed, you were not obedient to the law of the Qur’an? They will tell us. Of course, the Prophet (S) has married many wives. And who has surpassed the Qur’an over the Prophet and Muhammad !! But why not marry? Should be continued to be investigated. Here are two important things to consider.

Why marry? We will see that we are not in the way of carnal desires. When are you married? When it comes to the Four Noble Truths, why does she have to break this law? For more than three, getting married is a common practice in the jhaili period. It is the time of a contemporary daughter, counting as a commodity. This is a crisis, not a Arabian affair, rather than a de facto one.

Today, there are many today in the world where women are regarded as objects of despair and merry-like wives. Today, does not the girl have a soul? In your term, Allah enjoined the great and the most excellent Qur’an and affirmed the equality of the feminine child and closed the marriage on the final limit.

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