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In the sense of the money-the key here is. The person who wants to spend the whole year fasting and then wanting to make a deposit must complete the hazard first. Because, as mentioned in the last verse, the fasting month of Shem’s was only a man who “fastened Rammu”.

A man who has been firmly rooted in Ramadan is at the end. It is not included in the Hadith of the Ramatan, if some remnants of debt were owed. Therefore, we can complete the preliminary end of our dedication and then enter the shawl.

It is also a proper action to pay off the debt. To find the complete solution, you must first have to pay the first half of the month’s salad before the first month of the month of Shelah:

1. Ibn Baz (Rehumuhullah): Napa Nuru Ul-Debrecota, c. 918
2. Muhammad bin Saleh al-Ummiimin (Rehumatullah) -Foodula al-Harmil Maki Catsith No. 7

Is there a shortcutWhenever this shortcut has been cleared. In the moment of grace (as a w w) in thankfulness time (s.a.w) (jzk) … So why can not two foxes and two six-legged ones be allowed to fast? The question then arose.

Qaida replied, “He who fasts on the day of Ramadan or Ahazah (the 10th day of Ahab’s day) while fasting on the day of Ramadan is correct. Also, these days, they will have two pairs of Rudolph’s leftovers.

The day of burying is like the fasting fasting and fasting of Shura. It is because they have no straight ties with the females. The Shemason’s six-day fasting is not linked to fasting, which is why fasting is not a factor. She broke off her first bowl and then ate six days of Shem’s fast. “(438).
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