Most Important dawa

Today, as in the case of the All-Merciful, All-Powerful God, as is the case, their assertion that the Prophet had divorced their daughter’s wife is never going to be with him. Say, ‘Who initiated __Di’id ibn al-harris as a prophet?’

Zaynah did not raise his son, his servant was a slave, but their son was not part of their inheritance. When she was young, she bought him for her as her slave. When she did, she slipped him for a gift. The prophet said, “You are my son, and you will be my protector.”

Due to the cultural trauma of the time, the name of his father was named after the name of the Prophet, Zaid ibn Muhammad. One of the objectives of the Prophet’s goal is to avoid the exaggerated culture and to give the right Islamic principle. We will look at two of our points in these super-cultures.

fidake islamic dawa


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