Bahirdar (Abet) is the eleventh time of the year since the establishment of Wollo University.
Speaking on the message delivered by the university president Dr. Abate Getahun, they praised the graduates for not only learning but also supporting the current state of the country.

He promotes racial, ethnic and communalism, and he is also the ambassador to the next step in the pursuit of fake discourses and candles.

“There is a lack of prestige and prestige in the absence of education and excellence,” said Mengistu Tesfaye, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs and the Chairperson of the university. Dr. Jerugo said students have been able to provide volunteer services for homeland and community love.

According to the Minister, the government is working hard to increase the level of education and to make the country a better economy and political force. Her Excellency Alemayehu urged the graduates to learn from the events of the past and to learn from the events that were affecting the lives of those who have lost their natural wealth through the management of the natural wealth of the past and in the past. .

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