Yegeter Alimoch By ustaz adem kamil – part 01

His message: In fact, all of us have four wives. If you say how-your body-is the fourth wife. No matter how anxious we may be about our bodies, we will provide everything we need, but he will quickly expose us to death. The fourth wife has already shattered her.

Money and property-it’s the same as the third wife. If we do not collect or collect anything, we will not be buried with the dead. Instead, it will be the property of another person. The third wife-I put in another.

Family and friends-are represented by the other wife. Standing on our earthly life, we can not do anything except to help and support us, besides God, but to save us. The second wife, as he said, could do nothing except to make fun of you.

Our work: It’s the first wife. When we focus on the matter, we strengthen and strengthen it in family, money, money, and love, and strengthen it with the imams. But he being buried with him in the breaking of bread.

It is like the wife of the 1st wife, who misses her as a 3rd wife and her fourth wife. But she loved him so much. And Brothers and Sisters! Let’s focus on the good work that is going on in our daily lives.

fidake islamic dawa


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