Muhamed Ali burhan Amazing Speech

The Central Committee statement said, “The practice of legal detention and legal action will continue to be further strengthened,” he said, adding that the “law enforcement activities” will continue to be carried out in the near future.

All necessary measures will be taken legally, with a view to promoting the security structure that has been repeatedly seen in the region and to ensure peace and security in the state.

Recognize the time that the organization is in desperate need of leaders, members and supporters, as well as the region and the people of Ethiopia, “to stand firmly in the struggle” and to stand up for our country.

He further noted that the various political parties and bodies of various bodies are expected to play their respective roles based on mutual respect, peace and unity.

In the end, the culmination of the coup was totally unprecedented in the Amhara Region and the people, noting that it was an attack on all Ethiopians.Source: BBC

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