Special Messege by Shekh khalid

The effort to distract people from worship is limited to “guragotura” in order to swim in the sea of the sea for the purpose of swallowing the people from the pathway.

We can reject this aggressive spoof of enthusiasm. But our hearts do not turn our back on our pride and allow us to resent it.

As a result, it is not the force of the enemy to put a strain on the shoesters, to “trample the shovel”, to simulate falsehood, and to use the means to slow down people from worship.

For we can follow the good path by accepting the scum of the shark and, on the contrary, by accepting the almonds of Allah. The Word of God says:

“Those who believe will fight in the way of God, and those who have no faith will fight in the way of idolatry, and fight the company of Satan, for the devil’s schemes are weak.” (Suru-Nisan 4: 76).

But who can defend him for what he wants to mislead by his sins? Does Voltarans have that ability? No one !! So, when we say, “Allah is ever in the wrongdoing of whom He wills,”

Allah is the One who has full authority over His slaves, and He has guided them in the right way, because their heart is under His control. No one can guide this servant of God in the power of God by his own power. On the contrary, It means that we can find someone whom he wants to interrogate and close his heart, that no one can turn this slave into the truth.

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