Le Allah Metamen By ustaz kalid kebrom – part 01

He is not questioned as to what he does, but they are questioned. “(Surat Anshul 21:23).
Yes! It is He, our Lord, not forgotten by His knowledge, who has not been forgotten by his wisdom; He is the Omnipotent, the All-wise, the Omnipotent Almighty.

No one can ask! But he asks the servants for their duty. He will consider them.
But what is the secret of doing this outside of the argument? A search for knowledge of knowledge was not forbidden in Islam. The Goddess of the Scripture says.

If you do not know, you are asking the people of knowledge,” and that the prophet is a witness to the affair. When we kill it:
People who are non-Muslims are not feeling well on the notion that “Allah is misleading what he wants.” They believe that it is incompatible with godliness and perfect justice. And they say this-Satan is not God! How can God infringe upon men, but r

ather guide the truth? Spit it up! It is.
The idea sounds pretty good from the top. It also states that the idea of turning away from guilt to God is also a thought. But this view has taken a toll on the serious error behind it. It is indistinct that there is another power that flattens the divinity of God. how? If so, let’s look at a gentle spirit, as follows:

fidake islamic dawa


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