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Another way to help us understand the idea of God’s direction is to guide what he wants, and he will also misuse what he wants. He is the only One who knows the heart, searching the heart.

who is in need of Allah, and who is subject to his will. So, by doing this, Allah will make whatever He wishes decide by choosing the right one for him, We have considered that he is the possessor of wisdom.

As an example, we have considered the case of Abu Talib, Abu Lahb, and Abu Ghazi. If we accept God’s will for the present, then we have the third third response.

The idea of a Muslim who has a modest understanding of Allah’s identity does not imply a feeling of confusion and confusion in the faith that “Allah will seduce whom He wills, and whom He wills.” Because he knew and believed that all His will is God.

He is expected to fear that he will fall into sin and fall away from sin and fall away from sin and seek to avail himself of what the Lord has forbidden, and to hide from the gate, In the divine intervention

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