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There is no license in this world, but one will. This is not the result of a multiparty license, but it is after the same license. This is God’s will, the limit of our Creator, Creator. He is the only real God who has created the whole universe and is the only king who reigned all over the world.

There is no other king besides him, just as there is no creator outside of him. Could this be the only God, the Creator and King, to be something that is beyond his control? Who has the authority to direct and condemn whom he does not want to lead? Who can not his slaves do not want to hurt, and who can pull out and incriminate them?

Are you driven by a will and power, or by different licenses? So, he is the only one who is willing to lead his own way, just as he is the only one who is guided by the will and his will.

“Is not Allah sufficient for His Servant, and they frighten you instead of Him, and whom Allah sends astray, He has no guide, and whom Allah guides, there is no mischief for him: Is not Allah the Exalted in Maker, the Owner of Retribution?” (Surat-Zumar 39: 36-37).

The Lord, in this paragraph, is saying that He is the Provider of the Prophet Muhammad and that He is their Protector. When the Muslims try to threaten their gods by saying that they will do something for you, they will say, “God is enough for my bondage.”

And because of their disbelief, he made clear that no one can cause them to be led astray, and that he can not sue anyone whom he has for his “Haida”. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Power, the Word is the Exalted in Power, and the Retribution of the Disbelievers.

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