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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Praise is worthy of Allah, the Lord of all Being. The praise and salutation of Allah be to Muhammad, the high priest and teacher. Be victorious, beaten and defrauded of justice, defending the knowledge, their possessions, their time, and their lives to preserve justice.

3. Above all,We’ve explored some points about the new “Shi’aah” which is part of the Qur’anic verse. In particular, we have seen two types of statements in which the phrase “Allah guides whatsoever He wills, and He hears what He wills”. They:
1) The idea is that “Allah guides what He wants and he is also in need of sin”, because it is a notion that it is necessary to understand the message elsewhere, to seek a detailed description of the subject and to compare that detail with the general idea. So this idea, as a pamphlet, has been

mentioned by mentioning the other sections of the Qur’an, describing the people who are being exploited and the people who are serving it. We have come to the conclusion that Allah’s purpose is that they run away from the path of the dead, on the seas of the sea, disbelievers after faith, and are proud and accepted of their truth.
On the contrary, we have noted that those who respond to the advice of the Prophets and the Prophet, who return to

their Lord, and who endud perseverance on Allah’s behalf, will be rewarded by Allah in their mercy and will guide them to the truth. From this, it means that Allah will abominate what He wills, and He will guide whom He wills. And that is to say, the decision is from Allah, but it is an excuse for this guidance and a lie.

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