ye jumua melekt by shekh muhamed hamidin

So, predestinate, Allah would command His angels to cast their fires into a fire, saying, “We will drag him with his forehead,” while he was still alive. He alone is the one who determines the “wisdom” of the “guidance” that is best suited to his knowledge and fairness, which is known to all by his knowledge and justice. Work is rewarded by the owner.

Even for those who know, even “the al-Shabal al-Muhsirin-bin-Juan” is a great proof of their desperation. There are others. Still, these people did not go against the stage of being a prostitute until their death!

Brothers and sisters! This is the second kind of response to the so-called “Allah leads whosoever He wills, and He wills whom He wills.” If Allah permits, we will look at the third response of the next one: Inshaah.

fidake islamic dawa


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