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Abu Hurair: “Did you see that he forbade one of his servants? Or have you seen me on the right path, or if I were afraid of the Creator? If we forbid him, we will drag him off with his head, lying in the wrong direction.

And call upon his council, and We shall call upon the guards thereof. Nay, do not obey, bow down, and prostrate. “(Surat-el-el 96: 9-19).
These articles have descended into the Abyss. According to the report of Imam Muslim:

Let me eat and drink at your table! If I saw him bowing to my mother’s side, I would tear their arms or gag their face with the sand! He made a promise to himself. One day he finds them as he is bowing down to the sky, and goes to meet what he has promised. Just as close to them as they are.

Holding back in his hand, he started to go back. People say, “What’s wrong with you?” I can see a pit of fire in my middle and a scary wing! He replied. If the Messenger of Allah had just come closer to me after a little prayer, the angels would pierce his body with vaginal discharge! they said. (Muslim 2797).

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