Hayat Kehekemena mels

When Surah was slaughtered, Abu Wahhab and his wife were still alive. Both hear the message of this opera. But one day, even for the same reason, they never said we would leave Islam and return to Islam. They died at the death of Kaphir, who was Kaphir.
How did this opportunity not be used by Abu Habib, who was stunned to get an editorial?

He said, “O men! I have declared that I am a Muslim since today !! But he could not have died, and he would say, “You are going to die with Kaffir. How many unbelievers believed in the time? How was this idea hidden from him? How so?

But Allah, the All-Knowing, is informed that this idea is never going to come before the thought of Abu Hanab and his wife, so that when he dies as Kaphir, he will be punished for the fire of Gehenna. This is all knowing!

That is why Allah has called “Whosoever He wills” refocus and adjust to himself !! There is a mistake in translating the word “whatever he wants” to mean arbitrarily. He is my mother.

fidake islamic dawa


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