elemen felega ‪by D/r Mohammed Zain Nurhussien

We have sent down the Spirit to you, from Our command, and you did not know what the Book or the Faith is. But We made it a light to guide whom We please of Our servants.

And indeed you will guide you to the Straight Path. All that is in the heavens and the earth, to the way of Allah belonging to Him, all intelligence shall be returned to God. “(Surat-Shua 42: 52-53).

From this it means that it is well-understood that it is possible to mischief what God wills, and to guide whomsoever He wishes. Who is Who, who seeks the truth and who follows His emotions, Allah is the Owner of the heart, the All-Knowing Leader, who determines the guidance for the guide and the guilt.

We can see a lot of facts, even if there is evidence. There were many who were told that they were Jannats or grandeur without dying when they were still alive. This shows that Allah is the Lord who knows what their heart is like until He knows the process of their death. Consider, for example, two:

A. Abu Hubbah and his wife: “If the hands of Abu Lauh will be destroyed, then he will perish.” Nothing will avail him of his wealth and what he earns. He shall come into the fire of bliss. His wife, a carrier of fire, and on her neck a cord of twisted cord. “(Surat al-Baqar, 110: 1-5).

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