Fetewa by shekh seid ahmed mustefa

The death of a person who is free from the free will: whether we are alive or at the time of death, whether or not our gender is male or female, the color is black or red or white, our race is Oromo or Amhara or Gurilla Sarda or Kuna, It is only by the will of Allah that the Qur’an is of the essence.

We can not be held responsible or accountable because we do not have such a share in that kind of thing. Because our job is not interrupted. What we are expected to do is only accept and believe what Allah has given us, and what He has dispensed to us. No one can object to God’s decision. Why did you make me a male or a female?

Why did you produce me an offspring of Oromo or Amarah? Why I was born as a black African or white European? We must not allow questionnaires to come to our minds evenly. For God is able to do whatever He desires.

In human free will: There is an excursion that includes no human rights aberration but no human interference of human beings. Eating and drinking, getting up and sitting, going and returning, giving and receiving, picking and cursing, counseling and listening to gossip.

fidake islamic dawa


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