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He is a guide and a healing to those who believe. And those who do not believe are astray in their ears; it is blindness to them; they are called from a place far away. “(Surat Phrisha 41:44).

Although all diseases have medicines, it does not mean that everyone knows about the drug. The famous antisectic drug may not be known elsewhere. Other medical practitioners may not be aware of a disease caused by a physician.

It may not work against the patient, but it is likely that the medication is well-known. This does not mean that the disease does not have a cure !. There are now no known cures for cure in the future. Today it is not for me … The Messenger of Allah said:

‘Albullah ibn Sa’eed tells us that the Messenger of Allah said: ‘Allah did not send down any downpour, but He did not know it, but He did not know it, and the man who knew it did not know it. . ” (Muhammad imam Ahmad 4267).

Thus, when we command to recalculate a recalculation, we make excuses and give up. It is one thing to believe that something is a recurring thing, and another is to protect it from another. Our defense has been unsuccessful.

We should never fail to believe in the Qur’an-Recession! Determining the outcome of what has happened, turning away from good, being willing to be victorious, avoiding and avoiding harmful and harmful things are permanent principles of our faith.

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