Amazing wife hit her husband

‘Abdullah ibn’Abbas says, “Omar ibn al-Khattab went out to the land of Sham, and they told him that the companions of Abu Ubudah and the commanders of the army had met him, and that they had caused an epidemic disease in Shamar.” Then, Omar ibn Al- “Call me the first refugee companions who are bowing to the throne of the Mass.

and consult with them about the issue: “They have gone out for a purpose and should never return!” Others commented: “I am with you There are rhinestheses, and we have not seen you going to this pandemic. “Omar said:” Come all out, “and he will appoint the mosquitoes.

“Then, when he took these embers and consulted them with the elders of the Qurays, they all shouted,” Well, if you return the people and do not enter the city, then we will see that it is good.

fidake islamic dawa


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