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Muslims find it challenging to fight the enemy for their religion’s dignity and sovereignty. But it is also said that this decree was hate for the soul. Because it is a confrontation with the struggle of the enemy they do not want to fight, with neighbors and communities! It can also cost a life to death.

It is better for you, Lord. It is a great and best sacrifice to sacrifice the people to serve their Lord with freedom, in order to save the people from the slaves of God, to save their people.

their religion and their dignity. In consequence, it is the result of the worship of Allah. We better say, ‘I know you,’ by saying good-bye to our Lord !!

People can not know exactly what to expect but they can not really know. We are weak to bring something good and to hurt those who hurt us. We have a difficult decision making what we do not know. So we often regret our deed. That is why it is stipulated in the Qur’an in the Qur’an, “Sutta Isthraah”. (Bhutri, Abu Dawn and Tirmidhi).

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