Mujahdetel Mefes – by ustaz Abubeker Ahmed – part 02

It is crucial from the heart that God leads us through the path of guidance and to establish us on the path. Even the backdrop has the power to return !. So, in order that Allah may strengthen us upon the path of His path, then your Lord will be required, and your Lord will say: I will accept you, and those who will worship Me will be humbly submissive. “(Surat 24: 40).

“Dull” and reasons: people are naturally driven. It is possible to distinguish them from their ignorance of what Allah has given them (Surat Al-Anal, 1-3, 49: 50). Through the Prophets and their followers, they know the path of the Path of the Trail (Surat-Rahmed 13: 7; Al-Aarra 7: 181). And what can be seen if we can take people from this way of truth from Allah, and what can they do to their emotions?

The failure of Allah’s command: Allah has not decreed what Allah has power for His slaves to do (al-Baqarah 2: 286). Do this! And do not do that! The divine laws are generally restricted to man’s power. He wants his servants to take care of them as much as they can, and to be afraid (do not marry, 64:16). So when people have sinned and disobeyed God’s command to disobey their laws, they may feel that it is worth the work of their work:

fidake islamic dawa


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