ye wendemehn gemena shefen by ustaz umer yassin

He has created the heavens and the earth with a purpose, and has shaped you and made good for you, and to Him is your return.” (Surat-has married) 3 Then we created the clot into a clot of blood. And We created the clot of flesh, flesh. And We have created clusters as bones.

We laid their bones upon the flesh. Then We made it another creation. And Allah is Exalted, the Best of Creators. “(Suratullah, the narrator, 14) He made everything that He created and made humanity from clay.” (Surat-Sa’idahah 7): “We have created man in the very best manner of an act.” (Surat-TV 4)

3. In order to make the shape of the living creatures a work of Allah, we can learn that we can not make an image for our lives (man or animal). Because in it we can not give life through the inward spiral:

Abdullah ibn Al-Mas al-Aqsa narrates that the Prophet of Allah said, “The punishment of the Day of Judgment is that those who have killed him are a prophet, or that a prophet dies in the disbelief, (Tobitani reported, Sahihull-jammy 1000)

fidake islamic dawa


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