special messege by ustaz elias

Since the previous one, the preceding verses assert the hypothesis of the episode, and we need to take a closer look at the name of Allah before he even pretends to be anonymous. The problem of most of us is that it is deep, it does not have a value. Being involved in unlocking or cheating helps the DNA to survive.

The three grandparents are important points for upbuilding, and we can draw on our daily journals. They are a good starting point to reflect on the foundations of our moral convictions.

Evil brawl, SatanLet’s talk about your business, or you know what you’re talking about. Will not you come up with ideas that go right in your direction? In particular, what do you think about what you have to do with your colleagues, friends, spouse, etc., but what do you think or think? I or THAT … I think this is … if he or she thought otherwise, etc. The hyena’s chest is on one side …. Here, too, Satan’s subtle attraction is,

fidake islamic dawa


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