Aljezeera special news About ethiomuslims

Wounds of warfareAllah’s Messenger was the one who came out to meet the merchants of the dead.  But they were unaware of the Kirti war, on the move.  Leave the military camp outside Damascus.  He gathered the Muslim Brotherhood.  They responded to what they could not do.

The power of both parties The power of MuslimsThe Muslim commandos, led by the Prophet, was three hundred and thirtieth.  Two of them were Zayr ibn Al-A’sa and Yazid ibn al-Haram, and seventy camels were about to roar.

Abdullah ibn Shahed said, “On a three day day on the day of the three rams, we were about to take a step by step with a camel.  Abu Luba, the Messenger of Allah and Ali, one camel

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