He taught adam by ustaz kalid kebrom Part 01

(Al-Fatiha 2). The peace and praise of Allah for all the Messenger of Allah, al-Muhammad (al-nations), for all the Messenger of Allah (al-Masih 181). ) And it is upon every one who follows the path of guidance. (Id 47)

Before I list what these five things are, I would like to mention one of our prophets (Aaliyah Sutta-peace) narrative. Hussein says:

Abu Hurayrah told us that the messenger of Allah said: “The gates of the portals are open Monday and Thursday, and every servant of Allah who does not associate with Allah shall be forgiven for him, except for those with him and his brother, People are called back until they are reconciled “(Tirmione 2023).

Adam’s entire body is misleading! They taught us that our Prophet (peace be upon him) said: This sin is a sin, not an inheritance of sin, it is a sin. Is there no sin in our midst? Do we want to get rid of sin? And if we want to, then we’ll blush. That our Lord may forgive us. And he replied, “O earth! Heareth that which is higher than the heavens, that He may take you in mercy. Now I’m back on five issues:

fidake islamic dawa


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